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#078 Kappling, Becky

#078 Kappling

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Artist: Becky
Art Height: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Art Width: 7.0" (17.78 cm)
Frame Height: 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Frame Width: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Medium: Gouache
Features: Framed
Kappling is the infant form of Kappadee. Kappling’s wings are entirely non-functional and the creature appears to have no capacity for communication. Another shortcoming is Kappling only possesses a single offensive maneuver. Curiously, it is a telekinetic attack, a trait that is not carried on in its advanced forms. The attack immediately exhausts Kappling, but not before the colossal burst of energy incapacitates all opponents.

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Learn more about Becky Dreistadt's year-long project showcasing 151 creatures hand-painted by the artist, accompanied with imaginative stories by her partner Frank Gibson culminating in a fantastically fun exhibit and book release.  More details

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