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#028 Cubcube, Rebecca E Dreistadt

#028 Cubcube

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Arte Height: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Arte Width: 7.0" (17.78 cm)
Cuadro Altura: 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Cuadro Ancho: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Medio: Gouache
Features: Enmarcado
Although it is much more compact than its previous form, the evolution of Cubdensation distills the powerful creature into an indestructible box. Cubcube thrives in the warmer climes sought by its predecessor. In cold weather, Cubcube can revert back to its previous form, pulling freezing moisture out of the air.

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Learn more about Becky Dreistadt's year-long project showcasing 151 creatures hand-painted by the artist, accompanied with imaginative stories by her partner Frank Gibson culminating in a fantastically fun exhibit and book release.  More details

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